Safety Nets

The WaterWarden pool safety net  is a revolutionary item in swimming pool safety, developed specifically to safeguard children from exposed water.  The UV protected polyethylene netting is custom fitted to each pool. It's stretched and installed over an inground pool by attaching it to the flush nylon deck anchors with steel hooks, and tightening it with a central tensioning system to keep it secure and taut above the water’s surface. 

When properly installed, the WaterWarden pool safety net is quick and convenient for pool owners to remove for pool enjoyment.  All inground pool nets include a water resistant reel to keep the net tidy and contained when not in use.  Reattachment of the net is also accomplished in minutes.  

The WaterWarden pool safety net is a unique pre-finished pool net system designed for easy DIY installation.  You will receive your safety net ready for attachment.  It will be custom cut and finished for your specific pool size and shape at the WaterWarden factory.  All that's required is the simple installation of the anchors easily accomplished by most homeowners.

Now Available...
Solid Brass Net Anchors for Inground Pool Decks.  Add a touch of class to your net installation!  See your pool dealer for details.